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What is an Endodontist?

A Endodontist is a Dentist that has been trained to specifically treat teeth that need complicated root canals. A root canal is needed when there is some type of nerve damage to a tooth. This can be caused due to a large cavity or trauma to the tooth. In order to relieve pain, the Endodontist will access the tooth canals and remove the nerve from the pulp chamber.

What is an Oral Surgeon?

A Oral Surgeon is a dentist that has been trained to remove difficult or impacted teeth that are causing pain or discomfort. The surgeon will most likely treat the patient under sedation to make the procedure more comfortable.

What is a Pedodontist?

A Pedodontist is a dentist that has been trained to treat children with dental needs. The pediatric dentist helps our little patients feel at ease during their dental visit. We will also offer the use of nitrous oxide to make the experience pleasant one.
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