Oral Surgeon Options in Fontana, California

At Fontana Dental Group, we're always available for you. The longer you go before treating an injured or cracked tooth, the more likely it will need to be removed. Immediate attention can reduce the likelihood that you'll need implants and other costly restorative dental treatments. When you have a difficult or impacted tooth, it can be very painful and discomforting. Our surgeon will more than likely sedate the patient in order to increase relaxation and comfort and perform any dental medical emergency services needed.
What constitutes an oral surgery?
Any tooth injury, pain or swelling in the jaw or mouth may require immediate attention. Loose or lost crowns or fillings can cause severe pain that shouldn't wait for treatment. Swelling, throbbing and sensitivity can indicate infected root pulp that requires an immediate root canal procedure before the infection becomes worse or spreads. Teeth that have been knocked out can be replanted, but the best chance for saving the tooth is treatment within 30 minutes of the event. For best results, try to reinsert the tooth or, if that doesn't work, store it in milk until you can get to our office.

Call us at the first sign of a toothache and let Fontana Dental Group preserve your smile.